Bakesdown - at a glance

Here is the evolution of Bakesdown Farm Camping. Many lessons have been learnt along the way and now we're confident that we've got it just right!

  • July 2007 - Lower Bakesdown Farm is purchased. The fields have been over-grazed by horses so are in a bad state and all the hedges are cut short and square.

  • Autumn 2007 - Mark (Dad) starts the tree planting; thickening hedges and reinstating orchards. This has continued ever since.

  • 2008 - Annie's Wagon arrives to become our first holiday accommodation

  • 2009 - Simply Camping begins, advertised by a sign on the side of the road towards Widemouth. We have the grand total of 2 couples that first year!

  • 2010 - Simply camping is advertised online and things start to happen

  • 2011 - The Exclusive Pitch begins

  • 2012 - Great Meadow Yurt begins

  • 2013 - Annie's wagon is sold at the end of the season

  • 2014 - Great Orchard Tipi begins on the old wagon site 

  • 2015 - The tipi is sold at the end of the season to big sighs of relief- why would anybody put up a Tipi in Cornwall?!

  • 2016 - Great Orchard Cabin is built on the ex-Tipi's site

  • 2018 - The yurt is sold at the end of the season with a heavy heart, but also relief at no longer having to worry about the canvas leaking!

  • 2019 - The previous yurt site becomes Exclusive Too. Originally a temporary pitch whilst we decided what to build next, but so popular that it becomes the long term plan

  • 2020 - The first year with no guests until July in over a decade. We take this covid-enforced opportunity to get all the pitches in tip top shape

  • 2022 - Bakesdown Farm qualifies for Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship; providing funding for rewilded areas and lots of wildlife boxes