Great Orchard Cabin

Great Orchard Cabin is sited in its own 3 acre meadow, with unbroken views of fields and woodland. You have a secluded spot, well away from any other accomodation on the farm. In order to have this lovely privacy, you do have to walk a bit further to reach... anything! Here's some distances so you know what to expect:

  • Your car is parked on a stone area 30 metres from the Cabin (luggage barrow provided)
  • The Cabin is about 130 metres from the farm yard (so, this is how far you need to walk for the fridge, freezer, logs and charging point)
  • There is no electricity at the Cabin (and if you're lucky, no phone signal either)
  • The shower is hot (phew), but there is no hot water tap. Just ice-cold water, fresh from our bore-hole. Please note, if you wash your face with this first thing in the morning, you will wake up VERY fast.


Your Holiday Space Facilities

    In Your Cabin

    Main Room
    • Woodburner
    • Seating
    • Shelf storage

    Bedroom (Please note you provide all your own bedding and linen)
    • Double bed
    • 2 Single beds
    • Up to 2 camp beds
    In Your Kitchen
    • Gas hob
    • Washing up sink
    • Table and chairs
    • Pots, pans, cutlery and crockery

    In Your Space
    • Gas-powered Shower in Hut
    • Compost Toilet in Hut
    • Recycing and Rubbish facilities
    • Fire Pit with log seats
    • Large mowed area

    On the Farmyard  (These facilities are shared with the other guests on the farm)
    • Fridge
    • Freezer
    • Charging Point
    • Logs and Kindling for Sale
    • Little Caravan Shop ( with icecreams and marshmallows! )

    In Your Field

    Great Orchard is the original name on the 1878 deeds of this 3 acre field. When we moved here, there were no apple trees anymore, so 8 years ago we re-planted, and already we get more apples than we can eat every year. The apple trees are at the top of the field, near your Cabin, then the field runs downhill, to a wet, rushy area at the bottom. This is perfect for wildflowers such as Purple Loosestrife, Yellow Flag and Ladies Smock. We haven't cut hay in this field for almost 2 years now, and the long tussocky grass has become a favourite hunting ground for our barn owl. If you walk down the hedge on the left of the field (when starting at the Cabin), right to the bottom, there is easy access to the little patch of woodland. This is a lovely place to explore, climb a tree and paddle in the stream.